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Darren, you have sold nearly 26 million records, yet you keep yourself under the radar – why?
I’m always at war with being a ‘celebrity’ and being an artist. I used to have dreams about becoming famous.

But that’s my point – didn’t you want to be famous?
I wanted to be loved, I wanted to compensate for everything that was missing in my life. It’s a classic story – a cliché. I relate to people like Madonna or even Michael Jackson (all jokes aside), and that desire to be adored. I had mummy and daddy issues it’s as simple as that – and I say that with respect. I am 32 year old man and I love my dad, but growing up it was very difficult – he was a violent alcoholic and I suffered at the hands of that. Me wanting to be famous had nothing to do with me wanting to entertain people – it was about escapism.

On your last album you mentioned being caught dancing to Britney – what Britney songs do you dance to?
Back then it was probably Crazy but these days it’s Toxic (laughs). I’m fascinated by Britney, she’s such an amazing train wreck in motion, I love watching what she’s up to. At the same time I feel so much sympathy for her because it could have happened to any of us. I think in that process, it can go one of two ways. You can become a drug addict or a complete egomaniac.

And you are neither so what do you do for drama?
My drama’s psychological – I don’t pretend to be normal. Look, I’m a good guy but at the same time I’ve got demons. The whole reason I became a pop star was because of demons. At the moment, I realize that I’m not doing it because I want people to love me and I don’t really give a toss what people think.

Didn’t your producers blow you off when you wanted them to produce Spin?
Totally! (laughs) Spike Trent and Marius de Vries they were like, “Why would we want to work with you?” And I don’t blame them because I wasn’t taking any risks. Marius came and saw Savage Garden at Wembley and afterwards he said that if he worked with me he’d want to deconstruct the image and the sound that terrified me at the time and he was like, “well I don’t really like your music.” That’s why I love this so much. I rocked up at Spike’s studio and he gave me five minutes to convince him but it didn’t. Then I flew to England with some demos for him to listen to and that time he said yes.

You say in “Love & Attraction” how difficult it is to be interested by someone and how you never want the people that want you. Are you still pining for someone?
This album was written at the end of a relationship, I felt so abandoned and so f#cked over. I was accusing and angry so I took a few month off and realized that no one can fill a void in yourself and it’s a bullshit cliché but, you know that shit about “loving yourself first” really is true. I’ve chosen the wrong kinds of people and I haven’t worked that out yet.

Do you find someone more attractive if they don’t know who you are?

You manage to hit some high notes. Is that easy or you do you have to squeeze your nuts or something?
(laughs) It’s so easy that I’ve had to stop doing it so much, I think it can be a bit annoying.

You play a lot with your image – the first Savage Garden album you look like a rocker.
Yeah totally! That’s one of the things I’m rebelling against. In the beginning that was me and by Spin with all that blond hair – oh my God! (laughs) See, I’d painted myself into a corner and I was this guy that everyone’s Mum and Nan liked, forgetting that before I had a record deal I didn’t give a f#ck about what anyone told me to wear at a photo shoot! By the time of the Affirmation cover me and Daniel looked like f#cking Seigfried and Roy! (Laughs)

Have you ever felt yourself sexually attracted to a man?
Sure! (Laughs) Musically I don’t fit into a box, and my image is pretty ambiguous too I think. I’m definitely not trying to hide anything and I know it’s confusing for people who want to put a label on me. I believe in love and that’s it.

So could you fall in love with a man?
Erm sure. I am totally looking for the right person.

You don’t drink, smoke or party – are you a control freak?
Yeah, I’m a control freak whose daddy was an alcoholic! (Laughs). I think my ‘thing’ is food and I get all the drama I need from my relationships and love. Look, I keep fantasizing that I’ll end up with Kate Winslett one day! Literally! Every time I hear that she’s single, I’m like ‘should I arrange to meet her?’

Is that the reason you moved to London? Are you secretly Kate Winslett’s stalker?
(Laughs) Maybe I am! There are definitely certain women, like Kate and Natalie Portman – and my wife was one of them – that are just extraordinary and just rock your world and the whole thing is so much more than physical. I think my addiction is the belief that maybe I’ll have this amazing relationship one day.

You’re a big old drama queen Darren!
(Laughs) Erm yeah I suppose I am!

How did you feel when you made your first million?
Like I didn’t deserve it.

AXM Magazine - Nov 04

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Source: AXM Magazine 2004
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