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October 19th Updates 2006
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Fan Club Members Blog Snippet.
The following is a snippet of a Fan Club Members Blog Darren originally posted on August 17 2006.

I'm in Phoenix Arizona. It's hot as hell. Why would I be somewhere like that?

Music. Of course. I followed someone I admire and respect over oceans and mountain ranges so I could hang out with him, his wife and his son. And make new music.

He is Robert Conley.

Of course we're doing new music together for my next record. There's other collaborations as well, that I won't tell you about just yet..but I had to at least begin the journey into the future with someone so integral to what I now refer to as my musical emancipation from the past.

I was so proud of our work together on the last record that I had to find a way for us to make more music. It's difficult though, because as you all know, I like to change. And there would be no point in me making the same record again, as much as I loved The Tension and the Spark. So I began the journey for the new record away from Robert. I worked with other writers and producers and saved the best to last. We've got a few weeks of work to do here and then I go back to London to work with a brand new producer I've hand picked to bring a totally new perspective to the next record......

July 17th 2006
I very rarely make comments about my private life.

But today, as I'm about to begin 6 months in the studio to record what I hope to be the best record of my career, I feel an overwhelming gratitude for the past 10 years of being a performer. Most recently, I've been moving toward a career that is more closely aligned with 'art' than it is 'commerce'. And in keeping on this trajectory - I have become increasingly more emotionally authentic in my music, writing and my relationship to my audience. As so many of you have given me your heart and soul over the past 10 years I thought it only fitting that I too return the respect and inform you of the most significant event in my life.

On June 19th 2006 I married my boyfriend of two years, Richard, in a Civil Partnership ceremony in London.

I can honestly say it was the happiest day of my life.

I feel lucky to live in an era where my relationship can be considered legally legitimate and I commend the UK Government for embracing this very basic Civil Liberty.

I'm proud of who I am, and after what felt like an eternity, I'm finally in a place where my heart is secure and content. And I can finally make sense of all of the searching.

I still maintain the belief that families and relationships are not commodities to be sold off for public consumption. In this regard, I am and will continue to be a public person with a private life.

I have always written songs about human relationships and our journey in life. I've never felt the need to differentiate or speak to a specific part of society. This hasn't changed. I will continue to write songs for everybody and hope that the feelings and thoughts I sing about are universal. Today, as I get on a plane to return to London, my head will be filled with all the future possibilities that I hope to explore musically.

To the people who buy my records, come to my shows and demonstrate on a daily basis their love and support for me and what I do: thank you.

Your overwhelming message to me lately seems to be that you are just glad that I am happy. For this, I am eternally grateful.

To my Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother - thanks for always being so cool and loving me unconditionally.

With love and respect always
Darren Hayes

June 3 2006
I have a new favorite band.
And they live around the corner from me which is rather convenient.
Temposhark... temposhark.com

It's so exciting to see a young, new band not dependent on a record company to create beautiful things.

"Joy! Joy! Joy!"... that's all I have to say.

May 6 2006
This is just a quick note to say a huge thank you to all of you for coming out in droves for "A Big Night In". And especially, thank you to all those who spent so much time and effort on my birthday presents. You know I don't expect them, but it was so cool to see how much thought had gone into all the gifts I received. It's been my favorite tour ever and I only have you all to thank for that!


April 7 2006
Dusting off old songs, making them new again. Finding all my red tunes, making them blue again.

I'm having a blast in the rehearsal studio with Robert, taking the toys and gadgets out to re-design and overhaul the catalogue.

Some surprises in store, I think!

I can't wait for this tour to begin.
2 weeks to go. And counting...

April 1 2006
I had a meeting today with Tom Baker, the London tailor who is designing and making my stage clothes. Tom is very cool. He's Saville Row standard but incredibly edgy and sophisticated. His studio is right in the heart of Soho. I went there to choose fabrics and get measured.

It was amazing seeing his little 'factory' - hearing the sewing machines and seeing all the patterns and fashion paraphernalia adorning every available space. It was like a laboratory of mod style.

The way it works is, Tom must make a template for my suits - have me back and adjust every micro inch of fabric - and then start to cut from the fabric that is being imported from Paris. I've never had an experience like this before. He ever measured my knees!

Next week I'll go back and have a fitting and then no doubt Tom will have to work day and night to finish the garments by April 20!

I'll try to take a photo at my next fitting.

In other news, I saw my favorite Artist of the moment - Imogen Heap - perform in London last night. She was a delightful, kooky, mad genius.

Loved every second of it. This is what music is.

Until next time.
All my love!


March 29 2006
Rainy day in London.

Less than 4 weeks until the tour starts and things are really starting to shape up here. There are all sorts of departments getting knee deep in busy. Fintan and Troy are taking fittings and sorting out what to wear, our production manager is scrambling to make last minute decisions a reality and our band are starting musical rehearsals.

I've been busy working on the arrangements of the songs, the set list and getting fit.

Tomorrow I have another meeting with our Tour Designer Willie Williams to go over finer details about the show structure and to look at the various pieces of film and video we have commissioned to be played on the television screens and projectors.

I've loved being so involved with the film makers.It's rewarding and yet has been taking up every last second.

Then of course, there's putting the final touches on my tour film. That's a whole other fantastic story. But we prepared. It's wonderful.

Those of you in Australia - hope you're available first week of July. Hope you're up for a big night! Something very special and one off happening in Sydney!

Watch this space for an announcement around the end of April

Very excited.
Very grateful.

Love always

March 16 2006
It's Official - "Big Night In" Down Under!!

I can't keep it a secret any longer. I am coming to Australia for a couple of very special and exclusive shows. The details are coming soon. But I wanted my Australian fans to find out from me first.


March 14 2006
Finished the photo shoot for the tour book today.

I am beat!

Had the pleasure of working again with Karin Catt As you may know, I've worked with Karin quite a lot in my career. She's a wonderful Australian photographer now based in the U.S.Today she and Troy Brennan, my ever faithful hair stylist and Fintan Fitzgerald (clothing stylist to the stars, and me!) managed to make a long hard shoot feel like a vacation.

It was all based on my concept for the tour - spending a big night IN. So I was all dressed up with nowhere to go! Very kooky shoot and tons of fantastic clothes. The images should be really interesting.

Now I'm exhausted.

The day before was a ten hour day shooting video footage for the plasma screens and projections for the tour. We've got tons of new ideas and visual elements for the show and they are taking a lot of work. I hope you enjoy them!

Tomorrow I sit with the photographer and our tour book Editor to come up with the final shots and images we'll use for the programme. After tomorrow I've got a little bit of down time now before the 28th - which is when we start rehearsals. I can not wait. Leonie, Robert, George, Keith, Troy, Lana - we're all going to be together once more for the Griswalds European Vacation. (Or, UK Tour!)
All I can say is.. look out England. We're coming!

So much exciting stuff coming up. Like the trailer for the a certain concert film I've spent years making. And even sooner, an exciting announcement for my Australian audience.

But before that - I need sleep!

Until next time - big love as usual.
Your number one fan.

March 10 2006
I've got a crush.
On a new band.
And what's ever better - is that they're unsigned.

They're Angus and JuliaStone and they're a brother sister group from Australia.

A friend of mine is managing them and dropped their demo into my lap here in London last week. Truth be told, I was reluctant to listen because you never want to offend a friend, you know! So I listened. And I liked. And then the next day I was rushing about London doing my thing and ran into my friend and the band, just hanging out in a coffee shop.

And I was so struck with their naive enthusiasm and this feeling that I couldn't shake: that they were on their way somewhere. Maybe it reminded me of what I put out into the universe ten years ago - or maybe it's that they're so darned cute.

Whatever it is, I wanted to mention it.


I'm gonna follow their journey for a bit and see where they end up!


March 7th 2006
The other day my dog and I got to talking. He said he feels as though I've hidden him from the public eye. That I'm somehow ashamed of him.

That ever since he stopped getting letters from the people who buy my music, that I've somehow downgraded his status in terms of web space. So, to all of you who thought maybe I'd become bored of Wally, the second love of my life... to all of you who thought perhaps I left him on a bus by accident.

Here is photographic evidence of his holiness.
Darren Hayes Dog Wally

I have to say, he's getting more and more adorable each day. He's obsessed With 'the bed'. Since he's not allowed on it very much, whenever I let him on it he pretty much stays there all day. I imagine him in the park, boasting to all his friends.. "Yes..(he has an English accent of an older gentleman now).. today I spent my morning on ..'the bed'..!'' And his dog friends would halt in their tracks..
astounded that he'd reached the holy grail of human comforts. Wally

"The BED?" they'd proclaim, incredulously. "Oh Yes!" Wally would nod smugly. "What's it like, this 'bed' you speak of?" they'd ask, waiting for each delicious word To drop from his pampered mouth. "Well... it's very comfortable. And.. (since no one could challenge him on his experience he'd start lying..).. Full of MEAT! Yes. Meat comes up automatically from the sides. And you leave it smelling like rotten squirrels!'' he'd lie.

And he'd trot off once again the most popular dog in Hyde Park.

In reality.. he's not the most considerate bed mate, I can tell you. And he does try to bury (in my Egyptian cotton sheets) bones and things that are so badly decomposed they evade identification.

But I love him more each day.

That's my boy.

Wally is alive and well, and will be turning 4 on September 20.

February 10 2006
Woke up today and thought "Why not tour Australia?".
So I am.
More news soon!

January 26 2006
One more day in beautiful Park City Utah.

Friday is my final Music Cafe performance and then I'm off to spend one perfect day in San Francisco before heading back to London and tour preparations.

Went with friends up to the top of a mountain today (yeah I went skiing a couple times!) and underestimated the affect fear factor would have on my beginner friend. Let's just say one lesson wasn't enough for her and she ended up getting a lift down on a snowmobile!!

If I'm honest, I did fear for my arms and legs a few times myself. Glad to be back here in my hotel room and looking forward to singing one final time before we leave.

That's it. Off to have a hot tub. Ooh it's tough at Sundance.


January 24 2006
Performed at the Sundance Music Festival in Salt Lake City today. Loved the gig.. but to be honest, have been having so much fun in this incredibly beautiful little village forgot I was 'working'. Main Street in Park City is where all the buzz happens.. and the vibe here is just magical. All the house look like something from a story book.. with their roofs etched in snow and fairy lights everywhere.

I'm keen to Ski... but with a tour coming up - probably should avoid the risk of breaking something!

Oh. Sang my heart out too. Unlovable went down the best.

One more performance on Friday.

Shame I missed Imogen Heap but but excited to see some of the other artists on the roster as well..

Until then..

love as always

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January 17 2006
Had my first production meeting today for my 2006 tour. Sat with Willie Williams in his Covent Garden house for three hours and came up with the coolest show opener EVER.

Last year we had our initial meetings and discussions to decide the tour name, the basic concept for the show,and our general objectives.

But today we got into the deeper things. We worked on the finer details - like a first draft of the set list and started to solidify some of the stage design.

It was great to walk out of there as the rain started coming down and be the only person in the street smiling.

I'm more excited about this tour than any other I think.

More when I have it!

Love, as always

January 4 2006
I love Australia.
Home for New Years in Byron Bay with all my family, and then on to my home town of Brisbane for some catching up with old friends. It's been so wonderful seeing all the places that made me who I am today.

I'm looking forward to getting back to my house in London and seeing how the cold weather has transformed the city. I'm only there for a few weeks and then I'm off to the U.S to perform at the Sundance Film Festival. Then it's 3 months of intensive training and preparation for the tour (and of course song writing and recording)! 2006 - here we come!

Hope you had a happy holiday season. See you real soon!

Love always

December 21 2005
I can't believe it's Christmas time already. Well, I guess I can. It's deliciously cold and magical in London right now. Just like a movie.

Lots of time to sit and reflect on the year that's passed. I wanted to say, as 2005 draws to a close, how grateful I am and how much a part of that feeling you all are to me.

2006 is going to be a beautiful year. I can feel it. Can you? I can't wait to see all of you face to face on a tour that will include more places than England, I can assure you.

I haven't played live in Australia for some years so you better believe the "Big Night In" tour is coming down under. More places and spaces to come.

But enough about me.

I really just wanted to say I can't wait to see you face to face and show you how much you mean to me. And to thank you for ten years of the best job in the world.

I hope wherever you are you get to spend time with people you love over this holiday season. And that your world is filled with light and love always.

Happy Christmas 2005.
This moment will never be again.
But it is, for a moment, ours.

December 11 2005
Hmmm. What do you want for christmas?
How about I announce a tour soon?
That would be cool huh? Well...
Can't hurt to ask!


November 15 2005
I'm here in Australia..
And loving it.

I'm really looking forward to my performances this week, especially my live set for Music Max. My family are coming to the taping, and some old friends, so it's going to be especially sentimental for me singing my tunes and some Savage Garden songs dear to my heart.

I wanted to thank you all again, for loving 'So Beautiful' as much as I do.

I better be off!
Busy day. But wanted to check in and let you know I love you!


November 3 2005
You are...
So beautiful!
Thanks so much to all of you in Europe, the U.K and Australia for being so supportive and kind in your reaction to the single! I've been travelling all over the u.k seeing a lot of you face to face so you probably know how much I love you right now! Soon I get to head home to Australia for some promotional appearances but really it's an excuse to see my family and all of you down under who never let me forget where my heart is!

So November is going to be a great month!

I hope I get to see more of you in person.
Lots of surprises and fun things in the works.
Just you wait and see..

Sending you lots of love.


18 October 2005
So Beautiful is on the air waves in Europe and Australia and the video is finally finding it's way into homes. I'm a happy man.

Thanks for always believing in me. Your faith and love is a part of everything I have done and will continue to do. These days I find myself thankful for the little things in life. Sometimes it isn't until something terrible happens that we realise just how fortunate we are.

My love and prayers go out to all those affected by Katrina and very recently the earthquake in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. My deepest respect to all the aid organizations helping those who are struggling to put their world back together.

Until next time my love as always

September 22 2005
From L.A.
The video shoot is finished. We started at 6 am today and it's 9pm as I write this. I'm back in my hotel in LA and I'm tired! But, you know what? The most enjoyable music video experience ever. Director Meiert Avis was utterly charming and full of grace. Couldn't have asked for a nicer crew.

Want to know what the video concept is?

Hmm. Should I tell you? Well, let's just say I was walking on air all day.

So Beautiful!

All my love..

August 22 2005
Van Nuys.
There. Is that how you pronounce it? ;)

Well, I'm not there anymore. I'm mixing the record. Somewhere else. Studio City. Which means, wahoo! I've finished my vocals on So Beautiful. I have to say, there was a LOT of pressure because I loved my demo version of the song. It was created in such a spontaneous way that I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to match it when I came to L.A. But I think I did. :)

I'm quite tired though. We've been putting in long days on this one. Actually I have to say this is the longest time I've spent recording one song. But it's been so worthwhile. I've struck up a great new friendship and collaboration and learned so much.

I can't wait for you to hear it.

August 17 2005
We've been tracking in Van Nuys.

It took me ages to be able to pronounce that.Van NICE. There. It's easy.

Tracking meaning, laying down tracks I guess, with a band. I haven't done that in a while either! I'm so used to working with keyboards, drum machines, samples etc that I forgot how warm a sound it can be to go all analog. So to speak. Not that I've given up on electronica all together. Oh no. I'm still dabbling on something secret for some as yet undecided project - but at the moment, the technology is taking a bit more of a back seat.

I'm so partial to my keyboards though that I couldn't completely cut all ties with my love of the emotion a moog can bring. So yesterday, along with a bass player, guitarist and drummer, we had an array of vintage keys plugged in. So magical what a few carefully placed bits of atmosphere can bring.

Got me all excited about music. Which is a good thing!

August 15 2005 - From L.A.

In L.A.
I forget how you can smell the ocean from the airport. On a good day that is. Oh California.. It's so vast and clean. When I've been away for a while it's always what hits me first when I return. That, and jet lag.

Well, I've recorded so many songs in demo form this year and finally I'm about to sit down in a studio with a producer and try to capture some magic and make it something permanent. Demo's are great because they're so instant. You either have a good song or you don't. No one ever talks about what happens to the bad songs. Usually they end up erased or gathering dust somewhere. But ones with potential face a secondary judgement. They are either deemed perfect just as they are or they require developing. But taking a song out of a safe atmosphere of a writer's demo and taking it somewhere else is always precarious because some don't survive re-entry. But sometimes they return re-born. That's the risk. And the reward. And that is the process of making a record.

I decided to write these new songs with the intention of later taking them to a producer who did not write with me. This is something I have not done since Affirmation. When the person producing has had a hand in the song writing, the production sort of happens as you write. And it's totally subjective. But taking the song away from the creators and taking it to a third party (like I'm doing this week) is an entirely different process. More than anything, you get objectivity.You get to work with someone who is hearing your song with fresh ears and their only goal is to make it the best it can possibly be. If your fragile ego can survive constructive criticism it can make for incredible music.

So that's what I'm here trying to do.

Gotta say I'm enjoying it so much. I don't know whether it's that I'm more chilled out.. or I'm happier.. Or that I've just worked out what I'm good at..But this new music just feels pretty natural to me.

I'm off to find a meal. And then a bed. My love to you. Thanks for being so beautiful to me and my music.


July 11 2005
I went to a funeral today.

So many tears and so much sadness. And yet within the core of this, a tremendous strength and dignity in the family. Struggling to make sense of it all I couldn't help to think of how pointless war is.

The recent terrorist attacks in London resulting in the loss of innocent lives. Elsewhere in the world, human beings willing to kill themselves to kill others. So much violence. And yet here, in this church today, a man lay in a coffin while his loved ones wept. I know if given the choice S would choose to be walking this earth than laying silent.

But what a world he has left. I can't imagine hitting another human being, let alone killing someone. And yet our world is so torn apart at the moment.

When will we change?
When will we learn?

I'm determined to treat the person standing next to me with kindness. If we all just did that, could you imagine how beautiful our world could be?

Rest In Peace S.
I'm going to
live in Kindness

July 9 2005
Live 8.
Don't have much to say except thank you to Bob, Bono and every artist for taking the time to do something beautiful for the world.

Let's hope George W listens! Oh and those other 7 men on the Golf Course.

Been working super hard on music. Going to take some time off writing for a couple weeks.Hopefully get some perspective. Then start drawing up plans to go into the studio somewhere with someone and make a record.

Actually the plans aren't that vague. But I'm trying to keep an open mind. You never know which path you're going to head down even when you're certain you know where you're going.

What kind of album should I make? Who should I work with? Hmmm!

Off to bed to dream beautiful things.
Wally sends his love.
And so do I.


11 June 2005 - from L.A.
Well here I am again in Los Angeles.

This place, I've decided, is like the Grand Central Station of my music. I'm always here for some reason. Sometimes it's the destination. Sometimes I'm just on my way somewhere else. We have such history. And yet no commitment. We're so familiar and yet we act like we don't know each other.

After working pretty solidly in London for a few months working on songs with 'The English' here I am 'Stateside'. It's been such a pleasure writing songs this time around. Maybe I said that last time... but it's different. Actually making my last record was just heavenly. I felt like the music just had this urgency and couldn't be stopped. But it was painful subject matter. This time around it's different for a couple of reasons. First of all I'm working with new faces and that's always initially scary, like the first day of school... and then wonderful because I obviously grow and learn so much from just rubbing shoulders with greatness. So there's evolution. Secondly, the subject matter this time around is different. It's deep. But it's not so, exhausting. I'm in such a great head space.

Soon I'll be off to New York to sit with men in suits to discuss what treasures I've found. And what trash! Then I'd say we're about half way. Through the writing process that is.

As I type this, Chris Martin is singing me a lullaby from the new Coldplay album '...and the tears come streaming down your face...when you lose something you can't replace...lights will guide you home... and ignite your bones... and I will try to fix you...’


May 28th 2005
Hey Everyone.

Thought it was about time I wrote and said hey. And thankyou! My 33rd birthday was made extra special because of your best wishes. Thanks for the notes, the cards, presents and messages. I finally got through them all and I feel...well... quite spoiled. I had a great day. Got lots of cool star wars presents and was surrounded by my beautiful friends.

And your well wishes of course!

What have I been up to? Well music really. And life.. Renovating a beautiful old English house and writing hopefully the best songs of my career. That's been my challenge with this new collection of material. I feel like my last album got so much wonderful positive critical feedback and showed me the other side of what my career had always been missing.

Bravery…regardless of commercial success. I'm still so proud of ‘The Tension And The Spark’ and of your support of that album. Now I'm wanting to do something challenging in a completely different way. I wonder what I'll come up with! You'll have to wait and see. But just know I've been loving the process. I've got so much to say... and I'm putting it all into song.

I've been working with some old friends and some new ones. About to head off to the U.S. to work on more music. Who knows? Maybe I'll have something to sing to you real soon. But you know me! That could mean anytime from now until next decade! Just believe me when I say I've been dedicating a LOT of time to new material.

I wanted to send my best to Kylie. As an Australian I am very proud of all her professional achievements and similarly of her courage and determination during this difficult time. I have every faith she will pull through this and continue to thrill us for a long time yet!

There are a number of people very close to me at the moment who are dealing with major struggles in life. They are not public people so I won't share details here, but I did want to send out my love, respect and honor and thought I might be cheeky and ask you to send any left over positivity you have to J and S.

As we get older, life continues to surprise us. I am so thankful for the beautiful things we take for granted every day and encourage you to remember to cherish each and every second we have together.

Here's to getting better!

Love and light

NOTTING HILL STUDIO - March 12th 2005

Hey all..

I'm sitting in the studio in Notting Hill and thought I'd send you a long overdue note. Hope you like the new site.. well it looks just like the old one.. but it's got newer cooler features. Anyhoo.. How exciting! Just got back from Oz where we performed at Mardi Gras. Had a blast. Don't ever visit Australia from England for just one week though. Severe jetlag!

Lots of cool things are in the pipeline. Just really wanted to let you know I love you more than you know. That I'm forever grateful for yours back at me. And that I'm still here!

Love always

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