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Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes New Album
Secret Codes And Battleships

• Release Date: October 24 2011

• The First Single: Talk Talk Talk

• The Second Single: Black Out The Sun
                Bloodstained Heart - Australia

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Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News

New Album Out Today In Australia

Posted Oct 20 2011
Darren Hayes Secret Codes And BattleShipsDarren Hayes new album Secret Codes And Battleships is out today in Australia.
Get on iTunes

Darren Hayes Live In London SBE
Darren Hayes Break Me Shake Me Billie Jean Live

Oct 19 2011

Darren Hayes: Dotted Music Interview

Posted Oct 18 2011
Last week Dotted Music did an exclusive interview with Darren Hayes. They are posted in two parts:
Darren Hayes On Forming Own Record Label
Darren Hayes On Special Promotions For Latest Album

Secret Codes And Battleships
The Making Of The New Album

Posted Oct 18 2011

Darren Hayes: Coming Out Saved My Life

Darren Hayes 2011
Posted Oct 17 2011
Star Online`s interview with Darren. Read it here

Darren Hayes Popular Live
Darren Hayes performs Popular Live in Liverpool

Darren Hayes Liverpool Performance
Darren Hayes Break Me Shake Me Billie Jean Live

Bent Magazine Interview

Read the article here

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Darren Hayes 2011

Review: Concert In Liverpool

Darren Hayes kicked off The Secret Tour at the O2 Academy last night. Darren performed The Animal Song live for the first time in twelve years.
Read the review and Set List at Click Liverpool

Darren Concert Photos Liverpool

Photos from performance tonight in Liverpool at O2 Academy
- Click Image to view - More at Getty Images
Darren in Concert Liverpool
Darren in Concert Liverpool

AUDIO: Darren On Graham Norton Show

Posted Oct 15-2011
Play Audio of Darren On Graham Norton Show Darren comes in about 1:28

Darren On Graham Norton Show

Posted Oct 13-2011
Darren will be on the Graham Norton Show chatting live
Saturday the 15th at 11:30 AM on BBC Radio 2

Female First Interview

Posted Oct 11-2011
Read the interview

Bloodstained Heart Live Acoustic

Behind The Scenes - Bloodstained Heart

UPDATE: New Album Release Date UK

Posted by Darren on facebook:
"I am sorry to let you all know that here have been delays manufacturing the special edition of the album in the UK The special edition packaging and booklet is so detailed that it is taking some extra time being made, unfortunately this is something beyond our control. As most fans have pre-ordered the special edition it means we have had to move the Uk release date back a few days to ensure every fan gets their album and music delivered to them on the same day - the new release date of SECRET CODES AND BATTLESHIPS in the UK is 24th October.

We must apologise to everyone, but please know this is only because we are trying to deliver you the best possible product we know how.

To give you something to keep you going until 24th October, we want to offer you all a free track to download. Itís a brand new mix of the album track Bloodstained Heart by the very cool DJ Monsieur Adi

Click HERE to download now (via facebook, click continue)

If you have pre-ordered the standard or special edition album, don't worry, there is nothing you need to do, you will just get this from 24th October now. If you ordered the lovely Collectors Edition, your digital version will now be delivered on the 24th and your gorgeous CD/Vinyl will ship still on 28th October as was expected....."

New Album Preview Video
Listen to Secret Codes And Battleships

The beautiful album preview video is now live for you to see and hear snippets from EVERY track off the new album Secret Codes And Battleships

Arjan Writes Interviews Darren Hayes

Arjan Writes talks with Darren bout his new LP, Secret Codes And Battleships.

Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News

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