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Secret Codes And Battleships

• Release Date: October 24 2011

• The First Single: Talk Talk Talk

• The Second Single: Black Out The Sun
                Bloodstained Heart - Australia

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Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News

Darren Hayes Bloodstained Heart Video

NEW! Official Music video Darren Hayes - Bloodstained Heart

Black Out The Sun Remix Video

Black Out The Sun 7th Heaven Club Mix

Darren Hayes Glorious

Posted by Darren Hayes on Facebook 30 September 2011

Michael Jackson

"It's no secret I'm a Michael Jackson fan. Many people know that he was a huge inspiration to me growing up. Many also know that part of my connection to the song 'Black Out The Sun' is that, although I didn't write the song about M.J - I recorded it the day he passed away and I hear that emotion in the vocal every time I listen to it. What not many people know is that I did write a song about Michael after he died. It's called Glorious and it's a bonus track on the special and collector's editions of the new album.

Given that the news is presently focused on the darker side of his passing - I thought I'd publish the lyrics to the song I wrote in celebration of the light he brought to my life. Here are the lyrics to Glorious."

Glorious Lyrics


Pre-Order Secret Codes And BattleShips

Pre-Order Darren Hayes new album Secret Codes and Battleships

Darren Hayes Secret Codes And BattleShips Album Release
Darren's new album 'Secret Codes and Battleships' will be released on Oct 17 in the UK and Oct 21 rest of the world.

As well as iTunes worldwide, there are 3 different physical versions to choose from: Standard Edition, Special Edition and Collector's Edition.

See Ordering links | Tracklistings

Black Out The Sun Highest New Entry At #31

Black Out The Sun is the highest new entry, at #31, in the Nielsen Music UK Airplay chart!
black out the sun

Pre-Order Black Out The Sun

Source: darrenhayes.com
Darren Hayes Black Out The Sun Single The new single Black Out The Sun is available for pre-order ahead of its release date in the UK on October 2nd. There are some fantastic bsides and mixes and a very special price at UK itunes for the pre-order period only. ALSO a limited edition 7inch vinyl!

See Ordering information and Tracklistings

Unlock the Secret Code!

Unlock the Secret Code!
There is a secret code to discover that will unlock a piece of the album ahead of its official release! Go to Darren's myspace blog for instructions

Black Out The Sun Behind The Scenes EPK

Black Out The Sun Video Shoot Photos

Darren has posted BEHIND THE SCENES Images of the Black Out The Sun video shoot.. Check them out on his facebook
Darren Hayes Black Out The Sun Video Shoot
Darren Hayes Black Out The Sun Video Shoot

Darren Hayes Talkin Bout Your Generation

Aussie Fans- Darren will be a guest on Network Ten's Talkin Bout Your Generation on Sunday Night from 7.40pm

Darren Hayes Insatiable
Blackpool Illuminations

Darren Hayes Bloodstained Heart Lyrics

Posted: September 1 2011
Lyrics for Darren's new Australian single Bloodstained Heart
Official Music Video coming soon!
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Darren Hayes Live on USTREAM Sept 13th

Darren On X-Factor

Darren Hayes Bloodstained Heart Out Today In Aus

Posted: September 4 2011
The beautiful new single 'Bloodstained Heart' is available today for Aussies!

Darren Hayes Bloodstained Heart Single Message from Darren: "Bloodstained Heart is one of my favourite songs I have ever written, for me it is the moment this album becomes something special. I would hope this song becomes a reassuring friend for anyone having a hard time. I wrote it for many things, one of them was a family member who was going through some really tough times and I remember wishing if I could have taken the bullet, I would have. There is a line in the song that if we are going to go down, we are going to go out fighting." - Darren Hayes

We would love your helping spreading the word that 'Darren is back' Lets get as many friends as possible to hear and buy this new single and lets get 'Bloodstained Heart' on the chart in Australia. Lets make sure everyone has the chance to hear this incredible new song! Keep us updated!

A note for Uk friends and rest of the world - 'Bloodstained heart' will be available on the album Secret Codes and Battleships out October! Your next single 'Black Out The Sun' is coming October 2nd and we'll have more details for you very soon!..

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Darren Hayes Real Radio Interview UK

Posted: September 2 2011
Listen to the interview

Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News Darren Hayes News

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