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"Imagine the one thing or the one love you could never have. I found that so tragic and I could relate to it in a lot of ways. With people that I've adored and obsessed over. So that's what the song was about. Just a twist in time and maybe things could be different." [Darren on the song "Mine"]

"If you've only had one relationship, how do you know you're good in bed?"

'I know I'm not a crap snog [kisser], anyway. I'm one of the best in the world. Look at these lips, how can I not be?' [ Smash Hits, Oct 2000 ]

"Gosh I'm very emotional, and very good at kissing!" :How good? From 1-10? : "I've been told I'm a 10 at kissing! I have very big lips and that helps! I had a couple of drinks the other night and ended up kissing almost all the girls there, and I got very good reviews." - Darren on how he rates himself as a lover.

I like dark hair and pale skin. Maybe I'm looking for myself. It's all about eyes and lips. You've got to have fat kissable lips. You see, I'm searching for myself! I've got fat lips and if you don't have similar lips then we don't have lip action

'umm im available im single, im masculine and I pay really well...' [Celebrity, UK, Nov 2000]

"On the first date with my wife, I said I'm going to marry you and she said, I know" - 1998

"I adore her.. and she will always be my soulmate but we're not married anymore. We talk on the phone every other day.. and we have Oola and Obi... we share joint custody of our cocker spaniels...."

"It's not that I'm perverted, its just I get horny over the weirdest things. A smell, in the middle of a song, eating an apple. You know... the usual.'

"If you want me to be straight, gay, into monkeys, dating Kylie, whatever, I'm happy for people to project whatever onto me!"

If you're straight, if you're gay - hey, if you're a horse - and I appeal to you, great!"

"The worst pickup line I've gotten? Um, "I can't understand a word you're saying, but when you sing I get all tingly."

"I've never been the sort of person to walk into a room and have *clicks fingers* 50 women want to sleep with me, ok, and suddenly you walk across a stage and you have a video clip and you know girls want to go out with you and think you're beautiful!"


Unless I reveal I'm actually an alien from outer space then I think I'm pretty safe. Did I just reveal that to Smash Hits? (Laughs) [When asked if he has had a tabloid scandal]

"It's me! It's me! It's always me! [Darren when asked who smelled so good at the MTV Live interview in New York]

"Iím always aware that Iím in the front of every photograph, but itís not because I step in front of him. Daniel takes two steps back. People just assume Iím an egomaniac."

"I know it's not very masculine to say the moon is beautiful...but it is!"

"...the airlines lost some of our baggage, and now I'm wearing my manager's underwear as a consequence of that" - Darren "Do they fit?" - DJ "No, they're a little small actually" - Darren

"I've never been the kind of person who smiles in photos...you just have to pinch me on the butt or something"

"I was the kid that noticed how some concrete sparkles because of the quartz. There's beauty in concrete if you look for it."

"I do DETEST early mornings and ESPECIALLY early morning performances. How do you even WALK at this hour of the morning? Hehehehe...."

'In fact, I met Britney Spears the other day at a party and I don't think she knew who I was. I was chatting away to her and I think she just thought I was some nutter. She seemed quite pleased when I told her I preferred her to Christina, though...' [Smash Hits UK, Oct 2000 ]

"Koala bears are really cute, they're very nasty, don't ever pick them up...they'll scratch your face off...they pee on you"

"White male, non-smoking.. cute bottom..." [ Explaining the personal column that brought Savage Garden together ]

"Actually we heard this if you're out there silverchair. We heard that at your gig on Brisbane that people were giving you a hard time throwing stuff at you and you actually threatened to play Savage Garden music if they didn't stop. Which I thought was really cool, and you've got the balls for saying that!"

"It's in the eyes" when asked How he tells whether somebody is a kind person

"Never" When asked whether or not he unties his shoes every time he takes them off


" It's kind of special thing...I mean I've met 2 or 3 people in my life through my dreams that was so real to me that when I wake up I can actually smell them. I can remember what they looked, tasted like and stuff like that and what I Want You is talking about is a wet dream...basically. (cracks up laughing) I mean listen to the lyrics Every time I need to see your face I just close my eyes."


"If we don't change, we don't grow If we don't grow then we aren't really living"

"Let me give you a lesson about school. All the kids who were popular end up on the dole with babies. All the nerds end up as pop stars"

'Some advice to share with your viewers...forgive your parents..they didn't intentionally mean to screw you up...they screwed you up because their parents screwed them up!...watch oprah..do yoga..drink carrot juice...hehe....don't worry about the size of your gut...do stuff for you..don't conform too much..do you enjoy chocolate?..i enjoy chocolate..eat it!..just don't eat too much of it.'

"I have had weird deja-vu and premonitions, but I'm no psychic. I believe in God/Karma/the goodness of the universe and the power of the soul, so I don't rule anything out." [Darren on the supernatural and paranormal experiences]


Interviewer: "how did u develop such an amazing voice?" Darren:" i used to listen to female artists, ie celine dion and practice the high notes until i could hit them" [Fox FM, Oxford, July 2002]

"I think that's what's really beautiful about music, that it is little pieces of your heart and soul."

"We're gonna take you on a tour, through here (points to heart). It's gonna get a little dark but I will see you on the other side."

"It was never meant to be Elvis. It was a character I made up called 'Dazzler'. Note I hate the nickname Daz... anyway. Dazzler was this whole joke about how I hate Daz...and wanted to be this over the top version of myself. A lot of inspiration for the costumes in the show came from ELVIS 1968..very leather... but also Brando... Fifth Element... It was an accident that when i turned up for the final fitting it looked like Elvis and I just decided to go for it".


"I was a happy little freak. I'd be lost in my imagination all the time, creating little fantasies. I didn't stop till I was 12."

"When I was 10 I used to walk around shopping centres and go, "Oh, they've recognised me!" And I would think, "hold on, who am I? I'm nobody famous yet!" - Darren on 60 Minutes

Interviewer: What was your fave craze as a kid? Darren: I was obsessed with ET - I even made one once and put it on my bike and tried to make it fly!!

"When I realised I wasn't Michael Jackson and I was this 10 year old boy growing up in the suburbs, I was devastated"


"I used to wash up the dishes as C3PO. And it's very hard to put cups away when this joint doesn't bend! Mum was very tolerant..." [Darren on 60 Minutes]

"Darth Vader was a present from my manager Larry last year.. I've just bought my first home and I dusted off my phone from the attic and it takes pride and joy in my bedroom wing.. and yes it is a wing, folks!"

"I was like- I'll be a rock, I'll play a storm trooper third from the left, fifth row back, cast me as a tree!" - on auditioning for a part in Star Wars "

"It reminds me of my childhood. I was completely obsessed with it and I've never really gotten over it. I used to collect all the toys and I remember when I was 13, I thought I was too old to have toys so I sold them all for $26 - and it's something I have regretted all my life. I've spent a fortune since re-collecting everything"


"I think our fans listen to what I have to say as a person and not what my ass looks like in a pair of Levi's...although my ass - I've been told - looks quite good." [ Darren, Yahoo Mexico Chat ]

"You're thin enough. You're beautiful enough." [Darren's response to a reporter in Mexico when asked if he had any advice for his fans]

The weirdest one for me was the transvestite who wanted us to sign her breasts. We did it." - Darren on weird pick-up lines and requests.

Darren Hayes QuotesDarren Hayes Quotes
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